5 Game Technologies That We Expect to Be Widespread in 5 Years and That Evoke Excitement

Game technologies continue to be one of the biggest development areas of the digital world. “Console or PC?” As the debate continues, mobile acting is on the rise. On the other hand, there are new generation technologies that we are sure to see in the future.

The game world, which we were once included just for fun and spending time, has undergone great changes in the 2010s. With the emergence of industries such as e-sports, the overall value of the gaming industry reaches billions of dollars. With each passing year, more ambitious games and game technologies appear than the previous one. 

Over time, virtual reality and augmented reality technologies were added to the ongoing fight between consoles and personal computers. The new game technologies where all these are blended are extremely exciting.

1. Open source game world:

Open source software culture has already gained an important place in today’s mobile world. Applications and games produced by independent developers find themselves in the markets. As a matter of fact, the same is not the case for the PC and console world, which experience real gaming. Producer companies are crushing independent developers in the market with high cinematic quality games, spending millions of dollars. 

With the development of mobile gaming technologies, mobile devices that offer PC and console quality gaming experiences have brought independent developers to the fore. These games are very cheap compared to console and PC games, even if they are paid. In the future, we will see a large number of advanced mobile games conquer the industry even more. Open source games will become the giants of the general gaming industry after mobile. 

2. The return of virtual reality:

Virtual reality is a technology we are used to now. Thanks to the glasses that offer a 360-degree virtual environment experience, we can have a gaming experience on PC, consoles and mobile devices. We are certain that devices such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive will become much more common. In addition, there are integrated VR technologies that started to emerge 3 years ago. There are many features expected to be added to these systems that allow players to move on a platform.

For a more realistic experience, clothes that allow players to feel the impacts, gloves that create synthetic feelings; Ultra-reality equipment that transfer functions such as sweating and chills to the actor’s body will become widespread. While these technologies are available today, they are not accessible to all players.

3. The spread of mixed reality:

In fact, virtual reality alone is not enough for a high-level gaming experience. This technology, which entrusts the players to a completely artificial environment, will be replaced by the concept of mixed reality in which it is blended with augmented reality. Considering that augmented reality is technologies that interact with environmental factors, the mixed one will unite the real world with the virtual world. 

For example, Apple has started to make the concept of augmented reality even more palpable since the A11 Bionic chip. In the future, you’d better be ready to put on your glasses and hunt zombies in your home and set traps on doors to escape from them. Because your existing perceptions of reality will be overcome with mixed games.

4. Cross platform games:

Various environments such as PlayStation, Xbox, and Windows offer players different experiences from each other. In recent years, many productions under the name of original acting have started to be specific to some platforms. This situation is a little upset for those who want to play productions such as God of War or Marvel’s Spider-Man on their computer. 

The reason for this situation, which deeply affects the sales figures of the producers, is to increase the sales of devices such as Xbox or PlayStation. Cross gaming platforms will find a solution to this business from the roots. Publishers like Steam are working on technologies that will allow the same game to be played on multiple devices. 

5. Cloud games:

Especially with the spread of 5G technology, we will not need expensive computers to play games in the short-term future. Instead, the players will play the games purchased through the cloud system without downloading them, again through the cloud systems. We can compare this to watching a video from YouTube. The only and most important difference will be that the players choose how the video will progress.

We will be able to play the latest games on our smartphones through cloud systems. Companies such as Google, Mozilla and Facebook have serious investments on the technology in question.